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Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers

When you put your life or the life of a loved one in the hands of medical professionals, you rely on them to adhere to their high professional standard of care. Medical malpractice lawsuits can do more than obtain compensation for victims of hospital and doctor errors. The claims often result in improved practices that prevent future errors.

Usually insurance companies, not doctors, pay medical negligence claims. However, it is difficult for an ill or grieving victim to assemble evidence and present a strong case demonstrating the error and the cost of the loss. At Comerford Chilson & Moser, L.L.P., we have the experience and the resources to successfully handle claims for serious injuries or wrongful death resulting from medical malpractice.

If you feel that the permanent disability or death of someone you care about may have been due to medical negligence, contact our Winston-Salem lawyers and ask for a case evaluation.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of medical malpractice. The firm’s medical negligence practice includes representation in cases involving:

  • Birth trauma, before, during, or after birth, including failure to perform a cesarean section in a timely manner and the improper use of Pitocin, causing brain injury, paralysis, shoulder dystocia, brachial plexus injury, Erb’s Palsy, or other permanent injury
  • Failure to diagnose spinal injury, sepsis, pneumococcal meningitis, or another infection, resulting in paralysis, amputation, or death
  • Failure to diagnose or treat cancer in a timely manner
  • Failure to treat a perforated bowel and other emergency room errors
  • Nursing home neglect and negligence resulting in dehydration, fractures, and death
  • Surgical, anesthesia and medication errors
  • Dental malpractice

Not every case will result in a settlement or judgment for the plaintiff. No attorney fees are charged unless there is a recovery.