Truck Drivers Are Better Than Ordinary Drivers, Right?

Individual in black jeans carrying a clip board walking alongside a white tractor trailer.

People often assume that truck drivers are better than ordinary drivers because they are professionals. Nowadays, this assumption is only sometimes true. From negligent hiring practices to inadequate training, several issues lead to unsafe or inexperienced truck drivers. Let’s look at these problems and what they mean for those sharing the road with large trucks.

The Root of the Problem: America’s Truck Driver Shortage

The trucking industry is experiencing a significant shortage of experienced and qualified drivers across the country. As a result, trucking companies are spreading existing truck drivers thin and rushing new hires into positions to keep up with demand.

Truck Drivers are Spread Thin

Individually, truck drivers are under increased pressure to get their loads from point A to B as quickly as possible. Truck drivers are less likely to get much-needed rest and breaks, resulting in risky driving behavior such as fatigued and distracted driving. Additionally, certain time-consuming but necessary tasks, such as vehicle inspections, are pushed to the side to minimize downtime and keep drivers on task with deliveries– further endangering the safety of the truck drivers and citizens on the road.

Negligent Hiring Practices

Negligent hiring practices are one of the most significant issues in filling employee gaps in the trucking industry. Negligent hiring practices in the trucking industry mean employers hire drivers without adequately vetting them or checking their backgrounds–this often leads to inexperienced and/or potentially dangerous drivers on the roads.

Inadequate Training

While some companies may provide adequate training for their truck drivers, new or experienced, many do not, cutting corners to get drivers on the road and hitting quotas as soon as possible–not as safely as possible.

Truck Accident Attorneys in North Carolina

Unfortunately, the nationwide truck driver shortage has led to increasingly dangerous road conditions as more inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel of large trucks and big rigs. If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, it’s important to contact an experienced truck accident attorney who can help you understand your rights and protect your interests during this difficult time.

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