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Injured In An Auto Accident?

At Comerford, Chilson, & Moser, our attorneys represent clients in severe auto accident cases that present difficult problems of insurance coverage, proof of causation, or other unusual circumstances. Focusing our practice on catastrophic injury and death cases, our law firm believes in handling a low volume of cases so we can provide each client and each case with individualized attention and diligent representation.

This approach also enables us to devote the financial, legal, and investigative resources that are necessary to the recovery of compensation for clients suffering from a catastrophic injury or permanent disability, or from the loss of a family member following a car accident.

Advocating For Full, Fair Compensation For Your Car Accident Injuries

Too often, insurance companies refuse to pay fair claims in auto accident cases. When this occurs, the only way to hold them accountable is in court. At Comerford, Chilson, & Moser, we provide relentless advocacy to car accident victims suffering from serious car accident injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), loss of limbs, spinal cord trauma resulting in paralysis, extensive burn injuries and other catastrophic injuries resulting in a permanent disability.

We represent car and other motor vehicle accident victims and their families in such cases as:

  • Single vehicle car accidents caused by defective tires or brakes, poor highway maintenance, or rollover accidents reflecting vehicle design defects
  • Drunk driver accidents, including dram shop claims (liquor liability claims) against the establishment that negligently served alcohol to the driver at fault
  • Commercial vehicle accidents, such as accidents involving semi tractor trailers, heavy duty trucks, or construction vehicles
  • Fatal highway car accidents that occur in construction zones, involve median crossovers and head-on collisions, or otherwise involve high-speed collisions
  • Other car and auto accidents involving passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists, motorcyclists or other individuals

Our past success in motor vehicle accident litigation allows us to offer first-class legal representation to your family in the aftermath of a severe car wreck. Our lawyers provide personalized and responsive service throughout North Carolina. We do not cut corners in developing the strongest case possible. In one car accident case we settled, we completed 55 depositions.

To learn more about our approach to client service in severe car accident cases, contact us for a free consultation in Winston-Salem.