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Defective Product Cases

Defective Equipment — Pediatric Burns — $18.5 Million Settlement

In December, 2007, a young child suffered from severe and permanent injuries, including disfiguring burns, as a result of malfunctioning equipment and alleged negligent conduct of defendants. The case settled for $18.5 million in November, 2008. Pursuant to the settlement agreement, additional information must remain confidential.

Defective Product/Defective Safety Equipment

A lineman was killed when he plunged more than 100 feet while working for Duke Power on a large transmission tower. The safety equipment he was using “rolled out” even though nothing broke. The snap hook on the pole strap and the D-ring to which it attached were incompatible. Other linemen wearing similar incompatible equipment had similar falls. The case settled before trial for a confidential amount that represented the full insurance coverage of the manufacturer of the defective snap hook.

Defective Product/Faulty Containers And Caps

A plaintiff was severely burned by chemicals from bottles of a cleaning agent. The bottles were in several boxes that had been placed in her car by the wholesaler, and she was taking the boxes to another location for resale. The plaintiff alleged that while on her way back, while rounding a curve, the boxes shifted, causing her to lose control and have an accident. The containers and caps were defective in that they did not effectively prevent the contents from spilling under such circumstances. The case settled before trial for a confidential amount.

Defective Product/Defective Water-Ski Rope

The plaintiff, a career law enforcement officer, lost the sight in one eye when a water-ski rope broke and sent the handle flying into the boat he was operating. The plaintiff alleged that the ski rope handle assembly was defective. The case settled for a confidential amount after mediation.