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Construction Accident Cases

Confidential Settlement

A welder was burned to death when a fire began below him and raced up the side of the building (Forsyth County Jail) he was helping build, engulfing the scaffolding on which he was working. The case settled in 1996 on a confidential basis.

Construction Accident/Defective Safety Equipment

A Duke Power lineman was killed when he fell from a large transmission tower while replacing an insulator. Investigation revealed that the safety equipment he was using “rolled out” because the equipment was incompatible. The case resulted in settlements with the product manufacturers. Other aspects of the case were resolved after appeals to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Construction Accident/Dog Attack

A small Burke County girl was severely disfigured by a dog attack sustained while she and her family were touring a movie site still under construction. The dog was owned by a security guard who worked for the company making the movie and had been banned from the site by the person in charge of the construction. The case settled shortly before trial.