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Dangerous And Defective Products Can Cause Injuries

Manufacturers, distributors and sellers of poorly designed or defective equipment may be held responsible for injuries and death resulting from the product’s use. Demonstrating that a hazardous product was responsible for an accident, however, requires putting complex, technical information into a simple, clear and compelling form that members of a jury will understand.

At Comerford, Chilson, & Moser, our attorneys have successfully represented clients against large insurance companies, corporate giants, the federal government, and foreign governments and companies in product liability cases. If you feel your serious injuries or the death of a loved one may have been caused by defective or inherently dangerous equipment, contact our office for a case evaluation.

Aviation Accidents Often Result From Defective Products

Unless they are caused by human error, aviation accidents often can be traced to manufacturing or design defects, including those involving hydraulic systems, navigational equipment, wing design, air frames, helicopter rotors, propellers, oil lines and engines. In addition to demonstrating that defective equipment caused the accident, it is necessary to counter claims that there may have been a breach of warranty on the part of the aircraft owner, operator or maintenance provider.

You may be interested in summaries of representative cases our firm has tried, including:

  • The firm won a judgment against Cessna Aircraft Company, affirmed on appeal, for the family of the pilot who died after the in-flight break-up of a Cessna 210.
  • In an international case involving the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), the governments of France and Italy and American Eagle Airline were among those found responsible for a crash near Roselawn, Indiana that was caused by de-icing problems and alleged design defects in the ATR-72 turboprop.
  • Robinson Helicopter Company was found responsible for a crash near Raleigh that was caused by an alleged design defect in a two-bladed helicopter.
  • One of our lawyers represented the family of the pilot of the space shuttle Challenger in the case against the manufacturer Morton Thiokol.

Motor vehicle accidents and train accidents also may also be the result of defective products. These cases include tire blowouts due to tread separations and SUV rollovers.

Not every case will result in a settlement or judgment for the plaintiff. However, the initial consultation is free and you will only pay an attorney fee if we help you obtain a recovery.

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